tahoe is absolutely off the hook right now.


5.16.2011 – With reports of 20″ at squaw, we head to the wood to see what we see
method mike drops in off ski school

kfactor off the angry gremlin (it was funny watching him get to this)

then we found a cave

with an oasis

so we hung around for a while

5.17.2011 – i met some folks at waterhouse and 1/2 way up they were having equipment troubles. i suggested we head to the wood instead since they had way more snow and easy access via the cat track. it was a good call

if she were on these forums, she could be monickledragger

not just regular pow, but blower pow on may 17

5.18.2011 – when we arrived there was a group of ‘bilers packing down a track to the top of sentinel bowl. yeah, they trashed the bowl, but they also turned 3 hours of breaking trail trough 3.5’ of snow into a 90 minute walk for us. they also skied pretty well.
blower may fun on a snow machine.
snowmobile in powder

baby j may, or may not have been with this criminal element.

when you’re hiking up, you have to make them all count. the warm up run.
Skiing in may at Kirkwood

sledheads stealing our lines

so we head over to chamois

kfactor drops in next

and bounces out

after a short nap, method mike off chammy

and then off the little teeny rock that hides the giant rock that used to guard lower chammy

it has been a flippin’ good season. and it was a good day. so back up we went. this time we each chose a different entrance
speaking of flippin’
method mike off ski school

did i mention wednesday was good? as good as any day this year.
kfactor goes phat

to splat

method mike off a big one on the way out


and since there was discussion amongst the crash testers as to where they landed
method mike into the bombhole

kfactor with tail on snow, nose in the same bombhole (that’s what caused what’s going on here)

wednesday turned out to be a showery bluebird mix. less than ten minutes after taking the pics above in whiteout, we were on the other side of the gully taking shots like this. kfactor rides the lightning

mmm. pretty skis

5.26.11 – Several inches fell the night before. with sunny skies in the forecast an early start was called for
The night before, the skies are clearing over the face at heavenly
Gunbarrel run at Heavenly

Once is enough (again)
Once is enough again

Grant is next
Once is enough at kirkwood

then it was kfactor’s turn

another fun powder day in may

you woulda thought that was it for may…, but no. another good cold storm and kirkwood reopening made a fantastic finish to this most improbable of winter months
5.29.11 – kirkwood
once is enough bowl for breakfast
kirkwood pow

kfactor slashes under jim’s
kirkwood pow
kirkwood pow

mashed potatoes off almost thunder
kirkwood pow

and down to the only feature left
kirkwood pow

kfactor was next
kirkwood pow

and a slash below
kirkwood pow

powdork too
kirkwood pow

meanwhile, over in thunder saddle, kfactor finds an ice bulge (actually, i found it and made him jump off it)
kirkwood pow

last time i went and took this pic, the following day was good. so i took it again.
kirkwood pow

5.30.11 – it was off to carson pass for one last may hurrah
todd o with the moon behind
moon couloir

who knew the moon was such a colorful place
moon couloir

approaching the top
moon couloir

moon couloir

kiss my acrophobic ass
skiing moon couloir

todd gettin’ down
moon couloir
moon couloir
moon couloir

then he went for a little tumble as a decent size slab ripped loose. got his edges under him and dug in
moon couloir

deep pow turns out the bottom to finish off a great month
moon couloir

skiing moon couloir

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