winter is here for reals now

now that our little bout with springtime is over, lets get this winter thing underway. tuesday we were skiing corn. tuesday night it started to snow. is still hasn’t really stopped.

Here is the video from all three days

wednesday toby and i hit up kirkwood both inbounds and out. once we started, each run got deeper and better and the tracks were filled between runs. it was my first day on my new lhasas, which i had mounted in a panic on the way out the door. there’s three generations of lhasas in this pic.

they seemed to work ok

toby gettin sum of the deepest turns of the day

thursday rolled around and the skies were blue for a bit. the temps stayed cold and the sun hurt nothing. nacho and i hit up the red cliffs area outside kirkwood all morning. we had it all to ourselves (sadly). here is the damage

i skied inbounds for a little bit and then we took a walk in the valley

friday myself, tahoebc, and spats hit waterhouse peak, with a second run down into hope valley. conditions were excellent up high, but sparse at the valley floor
nacho ear-waving on the peak. the steven peak ampitheatre sits behind

that’s nacho taking a leisurely stroll when tahoebc, dressed as a tree, comes out of nowhere. (unfortunately i don’t think this was the hit that’s gonna teach nacho the lesson, but it makes for a fun video anyway)

spats on the upper ridge heading down into hope valley

tahoebc on the same ridge

when saturday rolled around, we had a group of like minded individuals wanting to test out the burly base with their burly bases
we decided to hit the zone that isn’t quite kirkwood since there’s plenty to jump off mixed into relatively safe lines.
ottime drops in skiers right of the spur

and then gives a different meaning to drops in

and yet a third meaning, dropping into deeper layers

ottime drops into one of the lower lines as nacho watches on

i like how dynamic this picture is. i only had my big lens with me so i had to go with a portrait orientation.

this little section is littered with cliffs currently
Court rolls off a cliff spine

another shelf below, with another set of cliffs. ottime seems set to go off this year i think

not to be outdone, schralphmacchio gets both his planks and all ten knuckles out of the snow simultaneously, a difficult feat for someone new to the art of two plankin

ottime lines up the next feature

for a much better representation of almost the exact same moment, check out this photo by schralphmacchio

ottime showing stompform

my first thought was ‘don’t drag that knuckle’! my second was ‘OMG is that your lens i see behind the hand?!’

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