the last day of spring, 2012

the last day of spring was a strange one in 2012. mostly because it fell on december eleventh. the spring was filled with showers, but there were no may flowers.
there was corn though, and there was sun. and skiing is always fun

nacho and hutchski enjoying the scenery and spring like conditions

i’m the king of the mountain!

i’m the queen of the mountain!

but i still like to perform menial tasks. like building this bench

kirkwood is always closed this late in the spring. not a soul on the mountain

fly nacho fly

hutchski enjoying the corn

rock solid form

but then she punched a puppy in the face OMGEEE!

so he’s gonna karate her!

kickin it, enjoying the spring before lap 2

going big, or at least medium

spazzes are everywhere in the spring. here’s two

last run of the spring

big fun!

then it snowed
and snowed
and snowed

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