when in doubt, go skiing!

woke up this morning with plans to hike with hutchski, nacho and two other doggies out to elephant back, or something simple like that. it was gloomy and we were hoping for corn conditions. i think we were playing cancellation chicken where neither one of us wanted to be the one to call it, but either one of us would have been ok with the decision. still, we loaded up the car and headed west, noting how things looked a tad less dark that way.
at carson pass, we put 3 out of 4 boots on before deciding it was too cold, windy, and rock hard to warrant heading out into the flat light. we opted to keep going to danberg in the valley. that way we could just take a low angle descent if everything is frozen solid. before we got to kirkwood, the open field to the left of the cliffs behind caples lake caught our eye. easy approach. appeared to bathed in what we were calling sunlight. low angle enough we couldn’t get in trouble.
these are taz (front and center) and yogi

and this is where we went. you already know nacho and hutchski

and in case you forgot. taz and yogi

our first run was a tad firm, and then not, and then firm again. the views were consistent though

there’s the crew. “phew. we’re done, right?”

no way man. the fun has just begun.

at least for me. for hutchski, the work had just begun


i was having a good day, but then my thong got all bunched up on one side. i hate that!

hutchski going for it

but she hooks the branch. i didn’t see that coming.

crews were on hand immediately to check on her

my turn to ski the trees

then hutchski showing off for caples lake

just a hair sooner and this pic would be soooo money.

and then it was time to go. but first some sp-icy crusty occasional pow back to the lake

and back the way we came

a bad day skiing is better than a good day doing just about anything else. but this was a good day skiing

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