skiva las vegas

for 37 years thousands of skiers would migrate to las vegas once a year. 2009 was the last year the snowsports industry association held their show in las vegas. we would return in 2011. this time in search of snow. it is a sad state of affairs in lake tahoe when you have to head to vegas for freshies, but that’s just what we did.
brennan and i hopped in the trusty subie at 5:30 pm on 12/13 and headed south. fast.

2 days after the last lunar eclipse for several years, the moon was still up to some tricks. as she rose there were strange moonbeams shooting up and down and she seemed to weave in and out of the clouds.

as we headed south we watched the geminid meteor shower give quite a show. almost got this one from our zero degree camp site.

we camped about 500 vertical feet above the uppermost joshua trees

wednesday we toured north loop trail off deer creek road. there was little to no base and this much snow

so we went skiing

and it was good

and it was pretty

thursday we decided to find some lines up lee canyon behind the dolomites campground and under mummy mountain. the first line offered not much in the way of pictures, and much in the way of rocks.

then we moved over to mummy mountain, which served up the best conditions of the trip, if not the year so far.

when i took my skis out of the car on wednesday, the back plate of my dukes fell off one ski. the holes were all shot and no more screws anyway. tried duct tape to hold it down but it would only last a couple turns. fortunately when the dukes are locked down there is force holding the back of the binding down. in powder this was enough.

and it was powder

brennan comes up a winner

the proof is in the puddin’

i’ll give ‘er a go

after our second lap on mummy mountain it was almost 3:00. we made a quick decision to hurry back up and try and get one more run in what should be fantastic lighting conditions. we were not disappointed




our zone

mummy mountain. we were at the far left

here is a quick little video. nothing too exciting since we couldn’t really open it up or jump off anything

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