where the pavement ends

got a call from a buddy to head down south to poke around for some good conditions. nothing too rad and all kosher for nacho. 8 hours later at 0-dark-thirty toby and i were driving off into oblivion. two hours and two more people later we driving up a snow covered road into the sierra eastside.
i mean, what could possibly go wrong

i’ve been thinking and i just can’t figure it out. how do they know where to put that sign??

toby, seth and allison (nacho’s in there too) head back towards the goal, which is still hidden to us

a not so friendly reminder we’re still in the desert.

nacho points out our objective, a dog leg couloir no less.

heading up. the little diagonal horizon of snow behind seth is the top of what you can see in the picture from the bottom of the couloir (above).

and this was still above us. it was never super steep, but it was long. about 3,200′ vertical to the creek below.

of course for nacho it was more like 6,000′ vertical since he was running from front to back the whole time. are we there yet??

and when we got to the top, naturally it wasn’t the top. we gotta go up there?

yes we do

because that’s where the beer is hidden. at 11,500′, this is the highest nacho has been yet. didn’t seem to affect him.

this is why we make nacho wear a pack. otherwise he tends to blend

the birthday girl gets to go first

and the crowd goes wild!

toby rips it up next

seth approaches the choke (yeah, nacho’s the choke)

and makes it through no problem. i missed him slashing the lip here as i was in between bursts. just imagine radness.

there was retro powder to be had occasionally

but it was mostly miles of windboard. allison in the belly of the chute

and toby

the next day we headed up towards june. didn’t get many pics since i separated myself from the group to stay in mellower terrain. it was a mistake.
nacho enjoys the sunrise

this is what i missed. it’s not toby, but i thought it was when i took it and he skied the same line shortly after, so it counts.

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