marginal – it’s the new epic in tahoe

my plan for the morning was to head up to heavenly’s stagecoach lift for first chair and some fantastic corduroy (which they really do have, btw). but plans for nacho to hang with another pup fell through at the last minute so i audibled. i had been looking at thimble peak on kirkwood’s backside for awhile and knew i could find something worthwhile there. i also knew it would involve somewhat questionable decision making as well, so solo was my best bet. this looked like the perfect opportunity.
every time i’ve done this tour or any variation i’ve skinned from the car. today the skins were just extra weight for training. nacho says good morning from what would be our finishing line on the way out

we were last here on december 12th. our skin track had reversed itself and is now the snow bridge to hike on
no snow

we’re gonna go up there somewhere
kirkwood's backside

more specifically, we’re gonna go there
kirkwood's backside

and even more specifically, there
kirkwood's backside

so we can ski down this from the top
kirkwood's backside

and here’s the video. it’s kind of long and kind of lame. fortunately, lame is the new awesome.

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