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the jobs sister slog

i got call the night before from brennan, who threw some options down on the table. He had never done jobs sister from heavenly so that was gonna be our choice for the day. after dropping one car at the top of high meadows we took off for stagecoach lodge. We don’t actually have privileges at heavenly so the discussion turned to turning around and marching up from high meadows. we knew it was a long day in a short time frame, but we both wanted to get our slog on, so up we went.
jobs sister backcountry ski tour

around 8,000′ things got sticky in a miserable fashion. brennan not loving the slog right now
jobs sister backcountry ski tour

in fact, the glop was so bad we couldn’t wait to be marching up scree
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pray for snow my ass. go find it!

the plan started in late december when i posted that i would be heading somewhere after new years eve to find solace in some recent snows. i heard from gimpy, franklezz, h-atlas and others. there was interest. it seemed like the best plan for success was with h-atlas. problem is, we had never met. so we would meet at kirkwood the Saturday before (we were leaving sunday, new years day). we never did meet, but spoke on the phone. she was leaning toward crystal, a trip i couldn’t make, but was going to check the weather when she got home from the wood. despite persistent pleas from her friends she heeded the noaa forecast which called for rain in washington so we made plans to head for bend to meet a friend of hers (someone else neither of us had met). long story short, monday we headed to dutch flat trailhead to see what tumalow mountain was all about. tumalow is across the street from mount bachelor and offers easy backcountry access, but rather short pitches even by tahoe standards. i’m guessing with a full snow pack it would be rather tame as well. we loved it though. our first run much made the 8 hour drive worthwhile. and things would only get better from there.

meghan heads toward tumalow mountain, which is definitely holding some of tahoe’s snow

looking back at bachelor. the next day the top would open for the season

after a warm up run, meghan drops into something a little steeper
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alpine meadows and kirkwood team up. is there more to come?

november 9, 2011 update
turns out there may have been a bit more in store as rumors of a JMA/KSL purchase of kirkwood have been circulating for a while. now they are starting to surface and the details are a bit sketchy, but here is the gist. the alpine/squaw merger may be toast due to problems clearing escrow. the announcement of a jma (alpine)/kirkwood merger is imminent. we’ll see how the pieces fall.

news is hittin’ the inter toobz that alpine meadows and kirkwood will are offering a combined pass this season. alpine already has it posted on their site. The unfiltered pass now includes unlimited skiing at alpine, and a full season pass at kirkwood with blackout dates around xmas, presidents day, and mlk day. for kirkwood passholders, you must have the premium pass in order to receive an alpine meadows pass. at this time, the kirkwood premium pass (which also includes special line privileges) is selling for $500 while the unfiltered pass is $699 (kirkwood’s web site has not updated since the news broke). there is no info on the alpine page about whether kirkwood’s premium pass will also include privileges at homewood and red mountain (alpine passes include these). presumably they will since alpine passholders are also getting benefits at durango mountain resort. Continue reading

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