alpine meadows and kirkwood team up. is there more to come?

november 9, 2011 update
(originally posted on -turns out there may have been a bit more in store as rumors of a JMA/KSL purchase of kirkwood have been circulating for a while. now they are starting to surface and the details are a bit sketchy, but here is the gist. the alpine/squaw merger may be toast due to problems clearing escrow. the announcement of a jma (alpine)/kirkwood merger is imminent. we’ll see how the pieces fall.

may 6, 2011
news is hittin’ the inter toobz that alpine meadows and kirkwood will are offering a combined pass this season. alpine already has it posted on their site. The unfiltered pass now includes unlimited skiing at alpine, and a full season pass at kirkwood with blackout dates around xmas, presidents day, and mlk day. for kirkwood passholders, you must have the premium pass in order to receive an alpine meadows pass. at this time, the kirkwood premium pass (which also includes special line privileges) is selling for $500 while the unfiltered pass is $699 (kirkwood’s web site has not updated since the news broke). there is no info on the alpine page about whether kirkwood’s premium pass will also include privileges at homewood and red mountain (alpine passes include these). presumably they will since alpine passholders are also getting benefits at durango mountain resort. all alpine passholders are able to upgrade their passes at a nominal fee. presumably kirkwood passholders will be able to do the same thing. up in the air is whether kirkwood network’s passholders will be able to upgrade.
I was able to have fun at both mountains this year.
kirkwood pow

alpine corn

edit:kirkwood has now updated everything and you need to pay an additional $200 over the price of the premium to have alpine meadows (and red lodge) included.

while these are great resorts, they are billing this as a reason not to buy an epic pass next season. i wouldn’t buy an epic pass either when you can get the tahoe pass which includes heavenly and northstar for only a little more than half ($359) the price of the pinewood pass.

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