3/4 moon on round top

having gotten some recent info that things were looking good at carson pass, and armed with a new pair of bros, toby and i headed up to round top at the crisp early hour of noon:30. we headed up towards the couloir and ran into two other like minded souls. they had already skied the lookers left shot (which was the one skied the previous day giving us our info) and they were headed back up to ski the center couloir. this left us the main coolie.
the guy holding his ski had gotten himself into a pinch by skinning up to where he thought he could switch over. as soon as he stepped out of his skis he started to slide on the 4 inches of snow covering last years ice. he started well above the legs you see in the top of the pic. i was all, “yay, ice”.

the two others headed straight up while we took off to the right out of view.

the texture just above toby is last years snow sticking out. it was not pleasant

after two good turns above, toby is in a somewhat controlled slide on the ice layer

finally back to snow

i went for a hike up a little side coolie which is in the movie while toby skinned back up the shoulder. it was pleasant while i waited

toby dropping the shoulder

and bringing it home with round top in the background

the movie

it was a fun day and it’s hard to believe that all the different options of round top have been tagged already this early. it bodes well i think.

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