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a disappointing little storm

january has been a dry month and february too here in the sierra. we’ve had a few storms that have provided surprisingly good conditions pretty much throughout the mini drought.reports started coming in about an approaching storm that could drop as much as 2′ to select locations along the sierra crest. well that didn’t happen. the select locations along the crest received 4-7″ with locally higher amounts drifting into gullies
dangberg – 2/19/13 – the storm starts around 11. we’re skiing pow by 4
tahoe skiing

tahoe skiing

carson pass skiing

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december to remember

so december started off a little slow in the snow category, things really kicked into gear on the 15th, and the conditions have been fantastic since
12/17 – kirkwood

12/18 – kirkwood
i hooked up with chris and sean on a bluebird day at the kookwood
good morning

chris hits a popular rock just above the drain

hopping off an air near waterfall

sean, walking like an egyptian
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3/4 moon on round top

having gotten some recent info that things were looking good at carson pass, and armed with a new pair of bros, toby and i headed up to round top at the crisp early hour of noon:30. we headed up towards the couloir and ran into two other like minded souls. they had already skied the lookers left shot (which was the one skied the previous day giving us our info) and they were headed back up to ski the center couloir. this left us the main coolie.
the guy holding his ski had gotten himself into a pinch by skinning up to where he thought he could switch over. as soon as he stepped out of his skis he started to slide on the 4 inches of snow covering last years ice. he started well above the legs you see in the top of the pic. i was all, “yay, ice”.

the two others headed straight up while we took off to the right out of view.

the texture just above toby is last years snow sticking out. it was not pleasant

after two good turns above, toby is in a somewhat controlled slide on the ice layer
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buttseks on round top

butterfly sex that is

yup, they’re doin’ it

we hiked up from woods lake, got off the main trail and had one the easier and more pleasant bushwhacks out there

then we found the trail
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skifishbumming at highland lakes

with the school year coming up rapidly, the kids sitting around inside, and me desperately needing to get off the grid we hatched a last minute plan to get the hell out of dodge. highland lakes was our destination, though we had never been to the campground there. i had seen the area from folgers peak a few years back, and was confident it would hold what we needed. snow, flowers, and fish. fortunately, we brought steaks in case the latter didn’t work out.
we arrived in the late afternoon and immediately knew that the snow was not going to be an issue. in fact, since the snow started just off the trailhead, i was bummed that i had only brought skis for myself. i figured i could set up my tent and head up, leaving the tripod behind for jasmyn to get pictures of the descent. here is my view from the top. you can see my blue tent at the far side of the lake in the triangle formed by three roads.

a close up of the moon from the camp site. the snow was fairly smooth, despite the look. it wasn’t a particularly warm day and it was still a tad firm.

got back to camp in time to start the fire and catch some sunset pics. somehow on the way up and didn’t notice that the last bit connected to the lake, and bailed early. that would give me something to do on tuesday anyway.

looking the other way at highland peak
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