skifishbumming at highland lakes

with the school year coming up rapidly, the kids sitting around inside, and me desperately needing to get off the grid we hatched a last minute plan to get the hell out of dodge. highland lakes was our destination, though we had never been to the campground there. i had seen the area from folgers peak a few years back, and was confident it would hold what we needed. snow, flowers, and fish. fortunately, we brought steaks in case the latter didn’t work out.
we arrived in the late afternoon and immediately knew that the snow was not going to be an issue. in fact, since the snow started just off the trailhead, i was bummed that i had only brought skis for myself. i figured i could set up my tent and head up, leaving the tripod behind for jasmyn to get pictures of the descent. here is my view from the top. you can see my blue tent at the far side of the lake in the triangle formed by three roads.

a close up of the moon from the camp site. the snow was fairly smooth, despite the look. it wasn’t a particularly warm day and it was still a tad firm.

got back to camp in time to start the fire and catch some sunset pics. somehow on the way up and didn’t notice that the last bit connected to the lake, and bailed early. that would give me something to do on tuesday anyway.

looking the other way at highland peak

i was hoping to get some milky way shots, but clouds rolled in. at least the new powder mag has hit the stands

it was then that the aliens attacked. fortunately, i was able to fend them off with my light spoon

it was apparent the aliens stole all the fish before i was able to drive them away

unfortunately they left all the bugs behind

jasmyn found some pretty flowers to shoot. she is interested in learning about bokeh

after we went on a very short hike i decided i should get my turns in before we headed to lower highland lake

a little tentative the first time around. the left turn at the bottom went through the worst of the sun cups

the turns were good, but when i got to the bottom and saw a grassy beach, a great place to fish, flower fields, all at the bottom of a fun run, i found my happy place, so we set up camp.

the girls bummin’ around

i went for a walk (this is all right next to the lower snow field). folgers peak in the background

flight of the bumble bee

there a number of streams running through a small area. some were rocky, some were muddy

then it was time for fun

who said fun? this is serious business

there were cameras everywhere

things were going along swimmingly

then i was practically swimming

back up one more time

lots of speed this time

i really like this shot (skylyn took it)

exceeding the 5 mph speed limit on upper highland lake

i’m the best damn skier in this lake!!!

ok, we got skunked as far as fishing goes, so here’s a file photo from 2009

fast forward to saturday, 8/27/2011
my buddy chris recently had a knee operation so i figured this would be a good trip for him since he could sit and fish while getting out of the house. kickin’ it on the opposite shore

upon arrival, i was sad to see the two lower lines no longer connected

but happy to be on snow anyway


the video from the run above

and now it’s sunday. after some back to school shopping, it’s time for some fun, and maybe something for the girls to remember
it was good to get them out on snow

and props for them just charging without knowing

what pond skimming was about (skylyn)

and for charging after watching her sister fall


after three tries, jasmyn opted for crossing at any point to hop into some warm clothes

skylyn got it wired while i tried some photography stuff (motion blur).

her first time making it all the way across


the eyes don’t see that many freckles on jasmyn. strange how the camera does that

obviously, it was time for a kicker. that’s the logical progression, right?

woo-woo! kicker to pond to land to lake.

i see water in her future.


i can’t think of a better way to end a summer than walking barefoot through flower fields with skis on your back at sunset. srsly

but first – a shout out
to my lovely subie. three times to highland lakes in one week is a lot to ask. thanks.

to ma nature, for making it all possible

and to my skis, through thick and thin (snowpacks), you’ve always been there for me

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