burney falls

burney falls at 1/40 seconds, f/3.2, 7.9mm, ISO 400i went to burney falls state park with my friend’s family this week, it was so lovely and warm and beautiful. go there.

rainbow at 1/320 seconds, f/3.5, 11mm, ISO 100

burney falls at 4 seconds, f/7.9, 4mm, ISO 100

mist at 1/125 seconds, f/3.4, 10mm, ISO 200
mist from the waterfalls, it made all the plants look really neat.

hatchet at 1/320 seconds, f/6.2, 4mm, ISO 100
this is hatchet falls, it’s about a half hour drive from burney. it was really pretty there, and fun to jump off the rocks and the giant log.

river at 1/5 seconds, f/7.9, 4mm, ISO 100
this is a river at hatchet, i tried working with longer exposures with the water a lot in burney. still trying to figure it out.

wakeboarder at 1/640 seconds, f/4.4, 11.4mm, ISO 100
i learned how to wakeboard in burney. it was really fun, this is tim wakeboarding.

campfire at 1/250 seconds, f/3.4, 10mm, ISO 100
this was really cool, people at the campfire had some sort of powder that turned the fire different colors!

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