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california coast.

san diego at 1/1000 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6 mm, ISO 100
beautiful san diego in november.

santa cruz at 1/2000 seconds, f/7.1, 7.2mm, ISO 100
beautiful santa cruz. november.

san diego at 1/400 seconds, f/7.4, 20.8 mm, ISO 100
foggy mornings in san diego. february.

alyssa at 1/400 seconds, f/5.4, 26.9 mm, ISO 100
this is alyssa. in santa barbara. in april.

peace at 1/250 seconds, f/3.1, 14.6 mm, ISO 100
wouldn’t it be nice?
santa barbara, april.

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been enjoying sunsets & sunrises

now that we’re getting closer to winter, the later you can wake up and still catch sunrise and the earlier you can catch sunset.

sunrise at 1/60 seconds, f/4.9, 4mm, ISO 100

sunset at 1/320 seconds, f/6.2, 4mm, ISO 100

sunrise at 1/320 seconds, f/7.3, 13mm, ISO 100

sunset at 1/80 seconds, f/4.4, 4mm, ISO 100

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burney falls

burney falls at 1/40 seconds, f/3.2, 7.9mm, ISO 400i went to burney falls state park with my friend’s family this week, it was so lovely and warm and beautiful. go there.

rainbow at 1/320 seconds, f/3.5, 11mm, ISO 100

burney falls at 4 seconds, f/7.9, 4mm, ISO 100

mist at 1/125 seconds, f/3.4, 10mm, ISO 200
mist from the waterfalls, it made all the plants look really neat. Continue reading

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it’s summertime, therefore i’m around water a lot, therefore i take pictures of it.

water at baldwin at 1/2000 seconds, f/3.1, 4mm, ISO 100
props to hand model jasmine.

paddle boarder at 1/400 seconds, f/5.7, 19mm, ISO 100
good model. i like the contrast between him and the background.

kiva beach at 1/250 seconds, f/2.8, 4mm, ISO 400
focusing well on the water is hard, i’m still trying to figure it out.

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silhouettes.. etc

tallac at 0.004 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6mm, ISO 100
my friends and i hiked tallac for sunrise, this is us watching it. i always feel like a cheap photographer when i use self timer, but i wanted to be in the picture too..

photographer at 0.008 seconds, f/2.8, 4.6mm, ISO 100
this is david stewart, he’s probably the best photographer i know. i enjoyed shooting with him.

swings at 0.001 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6mm, ISO 100
i’m not sure i’ll ever be too old to want to swing. neither will my friends, that’s why i like them.
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summer nights

this would be the first post of our guest contributor, camluvs7, who is also learning photography. more than anything, she has an eye for shots that i simply don’t. she’s also a good writer too, which leaves me wondering why i have to write this. we’ll look forward to at least one post a week as she works off her high school tuition.;)
timber cove at 1/10 seconds, f/2.8, 4mm, ISO 200

lake tahoe fireworks at 1/10 seconds, f/4.2, 24mm, ISO 200

lighthouse shores at 1/250 seconds, f/3.1, 4mm, ISO 100
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