california coast.

trying to figure out college plans (and failing), i’ve been visiting the coast often. can’t complain.

san diego at 1/1000 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6 mm, ISO 100
beautiful san diego in november.

san diego tide pools at 1/500 seconds, f/4.9, 4.6 mm, ISO 100
tide pools in san diego. november.

santa barbara at 1/400 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6 mm, ISO 100
writing in the sand in santa barbara. november.

santa cruz at 1/2000 seconds, f/7.1, 7.2mm, ISO 100
beautiful santa cruz. november.

san diego at 1/1250 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6 mm, ISO 100
walking the streets in san diego. february.

san diego at 1/400 seconds, f/7.4, 20.8 mm, ISO 100
foggy mornings in san diego. february.

palm trees at 1/2000 seconds, f/7.5, 14.6 mm, ISO 100
don’t see these in tahoe.

clouds at 1/400 seconds, f/3.9, 4.6 mm, ISO 100
amazing clouds in santa barbara. april.

alyssa at 1/400 seconds, f/5.4, 26.9 mm, ISO 100
this is alyssa. in santa barbara. in april.

peace at 1/250 seconds, f/3.1, 14.6 mm, ISO 100
wouldn’t it be nice?
santa barbara, april.

santa barbara at 1/1000 seconds, f/7.4, 8.7 mm, ISO 100
santa barbara. april. the ocean is amazing.

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3 Responses to california coast.

  1. court says:

    definitely peace would be nice. what is the rope in the background?

  2. ottime says:

    I imagine that rope is one of the ways to get down the cliff. Nice shots Court. Give a ring next time you find yourself in Santa Cruz. We will get you out in that beautiful ocean.

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