summer nights

this would be the first post of our guest contributor, camluvs7, who is also learning photography. more than anything, she has an eye for shots that i simply don’t. she’s also a good writer too, which leaves me wondering why i have to write this. we’ll look forward to at least one post a week as she works off her high school tuition.;)

timber cove at 1/10 seconds, f/2.8, 4mm, ISO 200

lake tahoe fireworks at 1/10 seconds, f/4.2, 24mm, ISO 200

lighthouse shores at 1/250 seconds, f/3.1, 4mm, ISO 100

5 seconds, f/2.8, 4mm, ISO 200

1.6 seconds, f/4, 19mm, ISO 200

1/125 seconds, f/2.8, 4mm, ISO 400

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