silhouettes.. etc

tallac at 0.004 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6mm, ISO 100
my friends and i hiked tallac for sunrise, this is us watching it. i always feel like a cheap photographer when i use self timer, but i wanted to be in the picture too..

tallac hiker at 0.003 seconds, f/5.7, 7.9mm, ISO 100
this scott, relieved to finally be at the top of tallac after three/four hours of hiking.

tallac at 2.5 seconds, f/4.4, 4.6mm, ISO 100
since i keep talking about tallac at sunrise, here’s what it looked like.

photographer at 0.008 seconds, f/2.8, 4.6mm, ISO 100
this is david stewart, he’s probably the best photographer i know. i enjoyed shooting with him.

moonlight at 25 seconds, f/6.6, 8.7mm, ISO 100
even though it’s not a silhouette, another picture taken when shooting with david. it’s dark, but i like how it came out with the moonlight. actually i suppose the trees count as a silhouette.

swings at 0.001 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6mm, ISO 100
i’m not sure i’ll ever be too old to want to swing. neither will my friends, that’s why i like them.

lighthouse shores at 0.003 seconds, f/6.2, 4.6mm, ISO 100
i felt kind of creepy because i don’t know who this person is, but they made for a good model.

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