the winter that keeps on giving

it’s obvious we had a great winter last year. the rivers are still high, the lake is approaching it’s natural rim. the wildflowers are weeks or months behind schedule. some are going to have to skip this year altogether.
oh, and there is an abundance of snow. lots of snow. tons of snow.
so, lets go ride.
thursday, july 21st at round top (carson pass)
greg in the spring fed area that has usually been a flower show for 3 weeks by this time of year

me in the same spot

video from thursday

friday, july 22 at solstice couloir, mt dana. tioga pass
we met at 5am at the 7-11, grabbed coffee and donuts, and were on our way. 2.5 hours later we were gearing up at the pass. why do they only honor veterans on the county line. seems kind of restrictive. casey didn’t care. he was just bummed about not getting a v8

then we hit the endless boulder fields which sapped our spirit as we approached the base of the couloir

looking up from where we finally hit the snow

casey approaches the top of the couloir. i had to bail from where i took this picture to have any sort of hope of making it back to work on time. i ended up punching in 3 minutes late after a jump in lake tahoe replaced a shower

on the way out, i came across the world’s shortest (and tastiest) river

saturday i took a break to get my life back in order and gather up some sleep.
sunday it was on. we took a crew of 5 back out to carson pass since it was so good there only 3 days before. we were not disappointed
the crew on one of the sisters sub-peaks

maggie heading up the snowfields with dave and amy in the background

on the way up, we notice someone heading up to the notch

turns out it’s casey, from the internet (and from solstice couloir on friday)

kickin’ it on top (also trying to fix my broken boot)

maggie dropping in with caples and round top lake in the background

greg bringin’ it down to the lower couloir

dave slashes the watermelon snow

amy exits the couloir to round top lake

maggie with the lines off the top in the background

casey used to be an ex-stream skier, but he fell off the wagon

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