round top skiing and flower fields – 8/19/11

after making late july turns on round top it was apparent the flower show was going to be around a month late this year. wasn’t a problem, just another reason to come back. last friday, we did. the flowers did not disappoint

nor did the views

nor did the snow. thats round top lake, caples lake, and tahoe in the background

the snow was about as good as it gets in august

smooth sailing for about 500′ vert

our line ran out a few hundred feet above the lake. the line directly under the sister did go all the way, but was not as smooth

then it was back up, through more flowers. these things are annoying with their vibrant colors and what not.

so greg decided to squash some

before dropping back in

august 19, 2011, round top

lookers’ left of the crescent still goes all the way

time to head back to work

through the aforementioned annoying flowers

and bees

where’s waldo

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