gear tips/reviews

hello folks,
i don’t know much in this world, but i do know a bit about some of the gear i own. eventually i plan to have some videos up with the gear i own as well as others. for now, this is what i’m rockin’.
skis- pmgear lhasa pows in the 192 wide tail or fat bros in the 187.
boots- garmont endorphins, very comfy, but wish they were stiffer (kinda blown out now though).
bindings-dukes. these things are bomber. the videos i have are not about how to take care of them, but rather how to make sure they don’t hurt you.
skins- black diamond for me.
outerwear- patagucci pants and solstice shell. the patagonia rubicon pants are maybe the best piece of ski clothing i’ve ever owned. they’re very warm, but also well vented for those hot cali spring days. plus they’re white so the radiation doesn’t toast me. the solstice jacket is about as burly as they come. my arm recently hit a tree at heavenly that punctured the skin pretty badly (and i seriously think broke my arm) through the jacket and 2 shirts. the jacket doesn’t show a sign of it happening. i don’t find it extremely breathable however (go figure).
helmet camera- contourhd 1080p
camera- canon t2i (550d)

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