marker dukes

marker duke tips and review

i think there is one thing i can say about my marker dukes that pretty much says it all. i have been on tours with the same pair while partners with fritschis, dynafiddles, silvrettas, and naxos have gone down to binding failure. yes, they are heavier. that (and the bomber that comes with it) are what i like about them. sure, the lifter doesn’t go as high or have as many stopping points as the others. i’m ok with that too. my dukes trashed my knuckles during the first year i had them as well. a few tricks learned and a pair of hestras (they’re dexterous as fu$k, you know) and now nobody makes me bleed my own blood once again. they’re with me inbounds, sneaking out, and for 6,000′ days in the backcountry. i’ve got an original pair, which i’ve had for 3 or 4 years @ 100days/year on them and a newer pair with 20 days on them. on the older pair, the middle pivot assembly has been replaced twice. once under warranty and once for $15 i think.
if nothing else, i figure i’ll ride these as long as i can and when i grow up i can get something lighter to add a few years.

here’s real quick vid discussing how to avoid the bloodletting whilst switching from touring mode to alpine mode, and a bonus tip for all skinners (except you splitboarders, sorry). this clip also would apply to barons, i think.

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