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holiday options beyond the corduroy

well we all try and paint a happy picture of it, but let’s face it, the snow is not. it just isn’t.
so what to do while your spending your christmas vacation in a snowless south lake tahoe? follow along and we’ll help as we can.

highway 88 hijinks – get thee to kirkwood. here you can ride the lifts, but if you decide not that’s okay too. bring the family (and the dog). some can hike, some can ride, some can hit the kicker onto the airbag from USAirbag (highly recommended). on the way back (no need to stay all day, the sun goes behind the ridge around 2:45) you can stop by caples lake and play on the ice (this is very dangerous. the ice could break. you could fall, and the ice could not break. use at your own risk, but have fun). the pictures (and video) below are added to give you the illusion that tahoe is still fun. don’t be fooled.

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