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2011 american century classic from hole 17

this was my fourth year taking pictures from the side of the 17th green at edgewood. as always, i’ll put up a large gallery over on aboutlaketahoe.com/events/celebrity-golf.htm. but there are some that i like more from a photography standpoint than just to provide content about the tournament. i’ll put those up here. most of this stuff is nowhere near the level of the pros with thousands of dollars in glass and all access, but that’s why this is photography for (and from) dummies. all the shots here were taken with the canon t2i. the vast majority were with the sigma 50-200 f/4-5.6 dc os.

from wednesday
i mean seriously, what’s better? three beautiful women, or michael smoking another cigar?
celebrity golf

shooting can be tough in the middle of the day, but it allows for fast enough shutter speeds to stop just about everything

this navy seaplane was chasing boats around all day

prolly should have gotten some sort of artificial lighting on this one.
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