the blessed hell ride along a perfect cycling trail

Riders- Powdork, Tahoe Trash

Location- super duper secret trail near Idavtokilya, Cali

Distance – 30 miles- Lots of elevation changes

Music- The Blessed Hellride from Black Label Society

The ride is blessed, but I’m going to hell for doing it. I’m ok with that.

Here is your first and biggest hint

The entrance to the magical trail

is guarded by Red Tailed Hawks

Beautiful single track lies beyond the guards

who were following us

Vista 1 of a thousand





you get the idea

The previous pic was over 200 foot cliffs on either side so i thought it wouold be cool for Tahoe Trash to ride out towards the end. The picture didn’t catch it. And he wasn’t pleased anyway.

more fantastic scenery (perfect cyclists get all the great scenery)

Then, we saw a tree, and took a hard left. Into miles of baby heads (and torsos). It were big fun.

followed by several stream crossings, some of which went smoothly

others not so much

and yet others were just plain schmoove

then I noticed one of these things was not like the other. Fortunately, MacGyver was on hand with some rope to keep things attatched

Then ther was some of this

followed by this

and then lots of this profile pic

the waterin’ hole at the bottom

was very cold

but we found a safe sunny spot on the other side and things got blurry

our bikes were safe too

that is all

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