Saddlebaggery on Conness

with the recent TRs about north peak, a day off from work and the kids, and much desire to go ski something, we decided to hit up saddlebag lake and the most excellent terrain in the area. An early start was called for, so we rolled into camp at 10:15 and booked the 11:00 taxi.

without crampons or ice axe, we were nervous that we might back out upon reaching the north peak couloirs. As we walked along the ridge above the kook chutes we eyed the Y couloir on conness. that definitely looked doable and still worthy of the long drive and hike. now we just needed to keep dry. You can see the Y behind trash here

i believe it was this exact step that crushed the display of my cell phone.

cornice couloir(?) goes, but it is shitstained

headin up

and up

tahoetrash tops out

and goin down. me


looking back up at the line

and then me heading back down to conness lakes

trash follows. the snow varied from good smooth corn to suncuppy hell at the bottom

this line on the se side of north peak should be called the italy chute or the boot chute or something

bag in the saddle again

goin big back at the trail

the fishing sucked that night, but the views were ok.

thursday the fishing was good, but the views sucked

took a little detour to check out the lundy lake area. beaver dam and lundy falls.

we also saw this, which appears to be near virginia lakes. does it has a name?

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