a great start to the season – october pow

just like last year, october 6th would be my first real powder day of the year. both years i skied on the 5th, but the turns were back seat and tentative. both years on the 6th we were able to turn the throttle up. this storm put down a great base layer for the first day, then dropped another 5″ of lighter cement on top. perfect way to start off
looking down my first run of the year (october 5th). this pic was taken with my cell phone, then uploaded to facebook from there, then downloaded onto my pc and reupload to here (couldn’t get the choose file box to open on my phone)

looking back up after two laps. the tree on the rocks in the center was the point of the last pic

further down i found some worry free turns. i skied it once, then skinned back up the track (lookers right) to ski it again.

back to the same secret location for day 2 (october 6th). a little video

funny how when it snows, you keep seeing familiar faces in different places

toby making some pow turns on october 6th, 2011

as i was leaving i had the feeling this october oasis wasn’t quite over. 1 more day to come

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