squaw valley to require pre-employment drug screen

from squaw valley’s online employment application

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING APPLICATION Pre Employment Drug Policy I understand that, as a condition of my employment, I will be required to submit to, and voluntarily agree to submit to, a drug screen and to any procedure to assess my qualifications for employment.

i would like to be the first to say (and this is the only time on this site you will see me use capitals)
their employment policies page states that this will apply to some departments.

Drug/Alcohol-Free Work place
Squaw Valley Ski Corp is committed to a safe environment for its staff and guests. Post-accident drug/alcohol testing is required of all staff members. Some departments require pre-employment DOT testing.

presumably DOT only refers to bus drivers, equipment operators, and such.
the individual position’s descriptions do not describe whether or not the department requires pre-employment drug screening. for instance, there is no mention of it on the open position of equipment operator or transportation driver. if there is to be a drug screening program, and the only way to apply for a job is through an online application, then the applicant should be able to determine online if the position requires a drug screen before applying. squaw’s current application program denies this.
applying from chile? the online application states that “All employees will be drug-tested and will not be able to start working
until results are received”.

so what is it squaw? and what exactly are you screening for?

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3 Responses to squaw valley to require pre-employment drug screen

  1. jeff williams says:

    some of the casinos test but don’t care about herb i’d think squaw was going that route otherwise sayonara locals as employees on the mt.

  2. powdork says:

    it might be a little different though with a ski resort. a big part of casino’s testing program is to identify a drug problem that could lead to theft or embezzlement. pot doesn’t cause that. the testing that ski resorts currently use is generally the DOT test which does test for pot (i believe anyway) or the one they give you at the hospital after an accident which at that point they are looking for anything they can find to not pay.

  3. Harrison Zach says:

    Has anyone heard about how they are administering these drug tests?

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