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is tahoe dying? hell no

about a week ago i came across an article via facebook stating that tahoe (particularly south lake tahoe) is dying. the piece went on to blame the situation on the lack of snow and the trpa. interestingly, the article used several images to prove tahoe is dying which in fact prove the opposite. for instance this picture of the old bonanza hotel was used to show dilapidated south lake tahoe has become
old hotel

the problem is that the hotel in the picture has been torn down and is now (as of 2012) a neighborhood park. edgewood companies bought the old hotel in order to gain tourist accommodation units (basically toilets) to use in their planned lodge. they built the park and donated it to the city. the tau program is a brainchild of the trpa.
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the new kirkwood (sucks)

back on feb 22, 2012, vail resorts bought kirkwood mountain resort. since then things have been downhill. twice the resort has had to close or seriously curtail operations for inbounds avalanches. their airbag came out of it’s restraints and blew across the base area until derailing chair 6, an express quad, thus requiring an emergency evacuation. whilst these are extremely rare events, they are nowhere near as rare as the managerial screwups that closed out the season.

  • vail resorts announced that kirkwood would be open “until the snow is gone”. they are closed with a huge base by any other resorts standards. alpine (whose base is 1,000′ lower) is still open from the base.
  • for the first time ever midweek and 6-wood holders were denied access when their passes weren’t good on closing weekend despite the fact that kirkwood was closed all week when their passes would have been good.
  • vail resorts brought in security that went through backpacks and pulled passes on closing day. a typical vail move; atypical for kirkwood (and any other resort that cares).

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squaw valley to require pre-employment drug screen

from squaw valley’s online employment application

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING APPLICATION Pre Employment Drug Policy I understand that, as a condition of my employment, I will be required to submit to, and voluntarily agree to submit to, a drug screen and to any procedure to assess my qualifications for employment.

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the email came like a two ton heavy thing to the head. there was no warning. there was no prior call to action. just a simple impersonal email about how we’re screwed. thousands of california affiliates were fired this morning in the same manner. maybe i’m biased (cuz i just got fired), but the letter seems to sound like the new tax law is my fault. trust me, i didn’t actually vote for it.

As a result of the affiliate tax nexus law signed yesterday in the State of California, is terminating its relationships with all California based publishers……

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canadian ski trip?? put your money where the sun don’t shine

if you’re planning a trip to ski canada next season, congratulations. canada has some fantastic skiing throughout the country.

stay away from sunshine village.

the owners there have fired long time mountain management and ski safety employees after the owner’s son was caught skiing a closed area.
while the legal battle has clouded some issues, two things are painfully clear.
1. the owner is attempting to get out of paying substantial separation packages legally required in canada (think long term employees 20+ years)
2. the owner is a douchebag
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