drops all california affiliates with no warning!

the email came like a two ton heavy thing to the head. there was no warning. there was no prior call to action. just a simple impersonal email about how we’re screwed. thousands of california affiliates were fired this morning in the same manner. maybe i’m biased (cuz i just got fired), but the letter seems to sound like the new tax law is my fault. trust me, i didn’t actually vote for it.

As a result of the affiliate tax nexus law signed yesterday in the State of California, is terminating its relationships with all California based publishers associated with the State of California effective immediately. Since the tax law goes into effect tomorrow, July 1st, 2011 any publisher traffic resulting in Sales to after June 30th, 2011 will not qualify for commissions. Please remove all links and discontinue any promotions for immediately.
We are hopeful to be in a position to continue our relationship in the future.
blah blah we at don’t care about your heathen state despite the fact that you have more affiliates than any other state.

you know what? i think i will change my links. and you know what else. if the folks at altrec, oregon mountain community, evogear, and (and many more) continue to support their california affiliates, well you can guess where you will stand when all the chips have fallen.
seems like utah has a thing for screwing california of late.

a former affiliate

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