skiing tahoe on the fourth of july

well here it is the fourth of july and many of our normal summer fun time activities just aren’t happening yet due to the still giant snowpack in them thar hills. fortunately, many area resorts have taken a “if you can’t beat ’em you might as well join ’em” attitude, which we applaud. squaw valley, kirkwood, alpine meadows, and sugar bowl are all spinning lifts in some fashion over the holiday weekend.
here’s what’s on the table
squaw valley – open saturday, sunday and monday, july 4. the plan is to run the funitel, gold coast, shirley lake, links, cable car, and siberia. this is a way better offering than squaw had last year. squaw will have a free concert (big head todd & the monsters) along with a fireworks show on sunday, july 3. tickets are $49. next years passes are good. last years are not. squaw’s take

kirkwood – open only saturday and sunday from 7:30-2pm (chair 6 only). saturday is the volunteer fire dept bbq from 3-6pm. sunday is live music with the kingtones leading up to the sunday night fireworks show. tickets are $35. next years passes are good. last years are not. (last independence day at the wood)
dave lays down some tracks on 6/29/11 at kirkwood

alpine meadows – july 2-4 from 8am – 2pm. summit express, roundhouse, and the tiegel carpet. tickets $50 at window, prepurchase price in the $30’s. next years passes are good. last years are not. alpine says

sugar bowl will be open on the 4th only, from 8:30-12 noon. only for passholders, but next years OR last years are good. props to sugar bowl for not making this all about the dollar.

donner ski ranch will be open on the backside as well with $25

mammoth will also be open, with much to offer.

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