carson country club – a winter golf tr

played eighteen holes today at the carson country club. our threesome included myself, ottime, and FranklezZ. the typical cursing and swearing normally associated with the sport of fuck was replaced with hoots, hollers, and giggles, despite the fact the entire day was spent in the sand trap. on to the match.

hole 1 (tele only)
ottime with his first freeheel air

after FranklezZ tumblezZ, it looks like ottime took the first skin. however, i forced a carryover with a successful tele pow soulplow

hole 2 (another tele only hole)
this features FranklezZ’ bd ascension clipfix vs ottime’s G3s. which is the skin to win? (hint:it’s another carryover, despite that both competitors must add 2 strokes for pant leg in the boot)

hole 3
a long uphill. (you guessed it another carryover)

hole 4
ottime takes the first 4 holes with this oversharpened grab

hole 5
ottime wins another on this short par 3

hole 6
FranklezZ gets on the leaderboard by launching this air while simultaneously maintaining radio contact with the mothership

hole 7
ottime tees off

hole 8
powdork gets on the board with this unique shot

FranklezZ tries to emulate, but double ejects upon reentry

Hole 9
clearly, ottime has been working on his swing form.

hole 10
a dogleg right plays right into the sweet spot for ottime’s heaven wood

hole 11
ottime breaks out the driver for this par 5.

powdork sticks it tight with a solid approach

not so much into competition, FranklezZ is all about the rainbows and unicorns

hole 12
FranklezZ SparklezZ!!! this shot captures the stoke of the day for me.

hole 13
sand trap or white room? you decide.

either way, ottime split the fairway.

hole 14

hole 15
FranklezZ drains this short par three as the gallery looks on

hole 16
powdork cuts off a little fairway here as the winds pick up

hole 17
loads of elevation change on this short par 3

hole 18
teh video-my nuts is in the middle.

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