pow…not pow

i started off looking for corn, but it became apparent early on that there was only a light crust in the north facing trees and it would likely get burned off in the afternoon temps. plans were changed to a little couloir i had been eyeing for a while now. previous attempt found it had been beaten down by east winds to a rain layer. now it was a thick crust on one side, and unconsolidated pow on the other. there was also plenty of not pow. in fact, had i not got off the beaten path, it would have been just as much fun. still, it’s fun to get the pucker on. gotta remember to close my vents for the down, since it almost became a bigger problem.

and the pictures
heading up
are these aspen??? they’re huge, and they’re widely scattered among other trees rather than in the thicker strands we’re accustomed to

things that make you go hmmmmm

today’s new plan. go up until you’re uncomfortable, or you have to go to work

from across the way. i got up just past the small rock in the center. then i threw rock and ice chunks up onto the different aspects above. they all bounced and came back down at me. i bounced too.

we’ve had 1 storm in 2011. i didn’t expect these.

i ended up with a little time, and corn over a good firm base perfect for booting, so i marched up to the yellow line (nice cave) for some quality not pow. (picture from 1/22)

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