lake tahoe is stoked

well it’s hardly news that the skiing has been fantastic of late here in our little neck of the sierra. often times while skiing I relish in the solitude, clarity of thought, and freedom I get from skiing or just being out in the snow in general. this past week i was reminded how much fun it was to just share the fun with a bunch of like minded individuals. Let’s face it, tahoe’s ski bums are stoked right now, and it’s as fun to watch as the lines we’re skiing. why are we stoked? well we received over 100 inches in the past week starting with wet and heavy and ending with cold and light. the resorts have been going off and except for brief periods the backcountry has been fairly stable. they say picture equals a thousand words, so here’s about 4,300 words and a video too.

lake tahoe last week #3

Kfactor, FranklezZ, and Method Mike are stoked

monday was a day of wet snow even at kirkwood. tuesday was much of the same.
here we have ‘Ottime on the rocks’.

or one could opt for ‘Ottime over’.

firebreak? I’d say Stu is in firebroke. (wednesday)

Thursday was one of those days. Bluebird. The powder had set up perfectly for jumping. And we had a fun crew stoked to hit stuff.
Method Mike wheelies out under Martin’s Point

kfactor drops into main in the kirkwood sidecountry

FranklezZ with his hands in front. i shed a tear.
FranklezZ with hands in front. I shed a tear.

and machs down main street

Method mike sizing up a line with Melissa Coray in the background.

and he SENDS IT!

Hucking at Kirkwood

next lap we hit covered wagon; Method Mike

and the slash

Going for the big grab in the Temple.

That’s me dropping into something that used to be huge.
Kirkwood Cliff Hucking

the light looked perfect for a toe tap off this little pillow in the the temple.

the light was perfect

the pillow, otoh, was a ball of ice

Mike goes for the method
Kirkwood Snowboarding

nice untouched line above emigrant lake
Hucking Cliffs

kfactor finishes up the same line

friday was a big storm day. few lifts were spinning at any resorts. Gimme shelter. gimme the gulch of doom.
there is only one way into the gulch

and it is veewwwy dangerous

if you reach the top, you must go over the river

and through the woods

some paths lead to nowhere

others don’t?

Yo, overhanging snow pillow, ‘Talk to the Hand!’

looks like another way in

in fact, once you climb up, there’s so many ways in

one of them is imperial stormtrooper

the dogleg double. must have have forgot my hands forward mantra

and there’s the result

kfactor off king tut

to sign off for the week, kfactor hits ‘the root

‘of all evil’


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