spring has spronged

after what seemed like an endless string of storms parading through tahoe since mid february, spring has finally replaced the snowflakes in the air. this tr is a little late, and focuses on the period from 3/21-3/29. it was deep, it was fun, we even had a little sun. with all the storms, most of the time was spent at the resorts or in the nearby sidecountry. we’ve got kirkwood from the spur to melissa coray peak, heavenly from mott to raley’s gulch, and no time whatsoever off the beaten path. course, it was pretty unsafe out there most of the time with the heavy snow events, and then the rapid warming afterward (which led to this slide burying a car on emerald bay road along with some other close calls).

the pov

i’m still fighting the software here (it’s almost as stubborn as me)
some day i’ll get the captions on top

without further ado
ottime drops off kodak at kirkwood
ottime busts his cherry on kodak

ottime drops off kodak at kirkwood
and comes up smelling like roses

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