crash test dummies

kirkwood, ca. eight days into the fourth month of the year of your lord, 2011.
the movie represents the flail as well as the fun of the day. a bunch of people being fueled on by each others enthusiasm.

so that was the flail, on to the win
the wave
tahoetool’s jacket is red

dhelihiker’s is red too, but it’s not the same (this is autocurves gone awry, but i liked it)

falling off the covered wagon
dhelihiker with excellent form

tool in the red jacket

despite winning the crash test dummy of the day award for beating the temple crevasse into submission, method mike sticks (well sort of) this front off really covered wagon

this right here is why i get nervous every time i put my boots into walk mode on the up

did he match the base to the outfit, or the outfit to the base?

not sure how these two pics made it into the win portion, they should both be in the flail video

method mike do like

mashed potatos takes the stylie line

ottime follows

shawnb sticks the biggest air of the day before exiting stage left

kfactor always ogles the ice bulge

he doesn’t have to any more

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