somewhere near stevens peak

schraphmacchio and i headed up to the stevens peak area sunday for a walk and some camera time. it was fun.
heading up

coincidentally, schraplh was heading the same direction

the scenery is ok

after heading up for, like, seven or eight hours, we got some down time



after the crux, shralph straightens it up

and slows it back down

back out on the apron, powdork goes hyoooodge

we were here

this pic is actually from later in the day. i’m putting it here to show that we went back up

to here

paging ja surf

where i sat waiting for schralph to change over his gear

to ride down this

my turn. up top it was perfect corn

down below it got stICKY

so we hopped on our steeds

and went back up

i took some photos for the mpc ‘weathered’ contest (i lost)

then saw something cool and short to hit while schralph took a break

underneath it got sticky again so i assumed the ‘modified stinkbug’ position

on the way out i convinced schralph to jump off something

but then he was done

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