squalpenwolf – born to be wild

originally posted on 6/1/2011.

unofficialsquaw.com is reporting there is a letter of intent out there describing how ksl (squaw valley) plans to buy alpine meadows from jma. the new fraternity will evidently be called kslamajama. since none of this is finalized, and the purchase of the missing piece (whitewolf) is still only a rumor, we are still just hoping for (or hoping to avoid) the squalppinwolf transformation. depending upon your view point, this is either the second coming of skiing to tahoe, or the ruination of your secret powder stash. i saw steppenwolf back in florida. the crowd was chanting for ‘born to be wild’ when john kay stepped up to the mike and said, “this ain’t fuckin’ burger king, you can’t have it your way.”

in other words, change she is a coming. a rough estimate of the pieces of the puzzle. squaw=blue, whitewolf=purple, alpine=red

if connected via white wolf, this would be the second largest resort in north america, and only slightly smaller than whistler-blackcomb. no matter how they sell it or interconnect it, that’s two separate mountains, whereas this is one interconnected european style resort
obviously, this isn’t going to happen without some sort of public comment period, during which time the developers should be overtly amenable to ideas as long as they advance the project.
what’s important to you
bike park?
open boundaries?
environmental improvements?
convenient fast rail transport from sacto to tahoe city?
separate areas to retain local identity?
employee benefits?
late seasons?
year round recreation opportunities?
connecting lifts?
no connecting lifts?
some sort of day use area as opposed to all destination resort?
cheap passes?

edit-someone on TGR mentioned that there could be additional terrain between beaver/estelle and squaw peak that could be opened as well, making it the largest resort in north america (the yellow would be this area)
squalpenwolf resort's new boundary

edit-(july 16, 2011)
several reliable folks (that i trust) have heard from people they trust that the sale is now in escrow.

edit- (september 26, 2011)
the internet rumor mill is now saying the deal has been done, and we can expect an official announcement tomorrow.

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8 Responses to squalpenwolf – born to be wild

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  2. PZ says:

    you should check your sources, Alpine said this is just another rumor and Troy Caldwell is NOT selling out or leasing any of his property and never will. These rumors just get everyone worked up about nothing.

    • JT says:

      Too late, I guess, since Caldwell actually owns a big piece of the land KT-22 runs on and has been leasing it to Squaw for years. So… yeah.

  3. powdork says:

    it became a little more official today as rsn-tahoe is now reporting the sale.

  4. irul&ublo says:

    I am here to post in this important thread

  5. Peter Long says:

    Any more on this? Never heard an official announcement.

  6. powdork says:

    the official announcement is set to come out tomorrow.

  7. niccosta@yahoo.com says:

    If you include what is currently legally skiable land in Munchins ( all you Squaw people, stay out of Munchkins, bad aspects, no vertical, just bad skiing all around) then Alpine-Squaw would be considerable larger than W/B. Also, I am unsure if the yellow highlighted in the second map would be accessible. That land butts right up against the GCWA, which prohibits the installation of any kind of mechanized equipment. Hard to see how they could install lift(s) and still comply with that. Why would be incredible would be a 4-6 man to the top of the buttress and then a Gondola/Tram/Funitel from the buttress to the top of Headwall Express. Wirth/Chapman: get should of me and I’ll share some of my other fantastic ideas.

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