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squalpenwolf – born to be wild

originally posted on 6/1/2011
turns out there is a letter of intent out there describing how ksl (squaw valley) plans to buy alpine meadows from jma. the new fraternity will evidently be called kslamajama. since none of this is finalized, and the purchase of the missing piece (whitewolf) is still only a rumor, we are still just hoping for (or hoping to avoid) the squalppinwolf transformation. depending upon your view point, this is either the second coming of skiing to tahoe, or the ruination of your secret powder stash. i saw steppenwolf back in florida. the crowd was chanting for ‘born to be wild’ when john kay stepped up to the mike and said, “this ain’t fuckin’ burger king, you can’t have it your way.”

in other words, change she is a coming. a rough estimate of the pieces of the puzzle. squaw=blue, whitewolf=purple, alpine=red

if connected via white wolf, this would be the second largest resort in north america, and only slightly smaller than whistler-blackcomb. Continue reading

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