fun times on tallac

fall days make for great hiking and mount tallac has always been one of my favorite destinations any time of year. just the approach by car around fallen leaf lake is enough to get the juices flowing

neither ashley nor nacho had ever been, so it would be fun to head up with them on their first time.
nacho was stoked

ashley, not so much

that’s ok though. nacho and i were still happy to drag her along

cathedral lake

nacho is not a fan of gymnastics. they must be stopped

ashley is a fan though. hup!! me? i just like to rap, yo!

after cathedral lake we opted for some scrambling. we couldn’t get nacho past the crux so there were some tense moments for ashley getting him back down

they survived though. wet doggy kisses for everyone

nacho. so stoked to be almost there.

great views everywhere

ashley and nacho pose in front of tahoe, emerald bay, cascade lake, and a unicorn

me too

ashley peers down the cross

on the peak overlooking gilmore lake and desolation

proof that we actually made it

there was even a register! 😉

“i used to live right there”

two best friends soak in the views (and a sandwich)

one for

and one for nacho

go gators, beat lsu today!!

that’s right

this is where i teach ashley a thing or two about gymnastics

she’s a quick learner

then we ran back down the ugly pile of rocks

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