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when in doubt, go skiing!

woke up this morning with plans to hike with hutchski, nacho and two other doggies out to elephant back, or something simple like that. it was gloomy and we were hoping for corn conditions. i think we were playing cancellation chicken where neither one of us wanted to be the one to call it, but either one of us would have been ok with the decision. still, we loaded up the car and headed west, noting how things looked a tad less dark that way.
at carson pass, we put 3 out of 4 boots on before deciding it was too cold, windy, and rock hard to warrant heading out into the flat light. we opted to keep going to danberg in the valley. that way we could just take a low angle descent if everything is frozen solid. before we got to kirkwood, the open field to the left of the cliffs behind caples lake caught our eye. easy approach. appeared to bathed in what we were calling sunlight. low angle enough we couldn’t get in trouble.
these are taz (front and center) and yogi

and this is where we went. you already know nacho and hutchski
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september, check. and some fun down south

the bleak winter of 11-12 has left us with little in the way of choices for getting turns in the late summer months. we hit up dunderberg the first time in august and now we were back again to check off september.

this time we had to take al subie so we could only make it to alien head lake rather than all the way to jacks glacier.
4 wheelin

even so, the hike to the hidden glacier was a short one. we were making turns in no time.
hutchski on hidden (samurai) glacier
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lassen volcanic park over memorial day weekend

anyone in Tahoe knows the season isn’t over until at least memorial day, when we get our memorial day storm. this year would be no different, but most of tahoe has no base left, so volcano skiing would be our plan to reap the benefits. plans were made, shifts were covered, cars were packed
the playas
hutchy, a new mag

powdork (not so new)

longshortlong (don’t know why short is in there) and schralphmacchio


and of course our sponsored athlete nacho, who was a stowaway on this trip due to park regulations
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dog blog: nacho has a date

some of you know nacho, for those who don’t, this is him. a strapping 11 month old whippet-sheltie-aussie mix. very popular with the ladies

and this is sydney. sydney is cute

with a body to boot

it didn’t take long for them to hit it off
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